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About Prof. Art Costa DR. Bena Kallick

Dr Bena Kallick Bena Kallick is an author, speaker, and educational consultant who has co-authored many books on Habits of Mind with Arthur Costa. She most recently co-authored Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind with Allison Zmuda. Costa and Kallick are the co-founders of the Institute for Habits of Mind. She can be contacted by email at: Prof. Art Costa Art is a past president of ASCD, author and editor of numerous books and articles on coaching, teaching for thinking and the Habits of Mind including Cognitive Coaching (with Robert Garmston) The School as Home for the Mind, Developing Minds; A Resource Book for Teaching Thinking, and most recently, (with Bena Kallick), Nurturing Habits of Mind in Early Childhood Classrooms. He can be contacted by email at: